10 Things that You Should Bring to Bali!

Prepare yourself well before to Bali so that no important items were left behind. Although each person has a list of its own luggage, but you still have to consider the following important items in order to holiday in Bali have been more comfortable. For a travel guide in Bali, you can see it in Kuta Bali.

The following are 10 things that you must take when on holiday to Bali.


Not possible you are not interested in visiting the beaches in Bali is not it? If going to the beach of course need to carry this one. You need to know that the Balinese sun stung enough so sunblock not only keep you from blacks but also of skin irritation.


Of course you do not have to squint all day just because the sun is too harsh, right? Bring sunglasses with you wherever you explore the island of Bali to beautiful scenery Bali will not disappear just because of trivial reasons.


Maybe you never thought to carry this one. And it turns out is very important facial spray is brought when you are in the coastal area. The face is dry or sticky because coastal air can make the holidays feel less enjoyable. That’s why you should bring a face spray to avoid it.


As you know the usefulness of the cap is to protect your head from the sun and rain, that’s why you should take him to Bali. Especially because sunlight Bali little bit different, very pungent. Do not until you actually do not get to enjoy the beautiful days in Bali just for not bringing this protective headgear.


If you are reluctant to pay for beach chairs are available in almost all coastal areas in Bali, you should bring their own beach cloth. In addition to more flexibility in determining the best spot, you can also use it for other things such as protect from sunburn or cold air when in the mountainous areas. Or even be protective body after swimming in the sea. Additionally, you can also wear this cloth beach when in the places sanctified. Usually when you wear pants or short skirts again you are required to wear a cloth in order to enter the area.


Shore excursions in Bali definitely need the goods on this one. You do not want it to swim by wearing everyday clothes? It is advisable if you are in Bali for a long time and the activities you just ran from one coast to another beach, you should bring more than one swimsuit to be more flexible whenever necessary.


One more item that should be taken for the beach. Slippers will surely make it easier for you to go to and fro while at the beach. But it was not only fit while on the beach alone but is in almost all places in Bali.


Do not let the beautiful moments of your vacation in Bali is not immortalized in a photograph. A must indeed carry a camera when on holiday. But you need to remember is to prepare a variety of other equipment as well as spare batteries, protective camera, and a hanging rope to make it more secure when taken anywhere.


These items will protect all your belongings when you are either on the beach or mountains. By preparing waterproof bag you do not have to worry about when it will dive into the sea or just playing around the water at the beach. Similarly, when all the mountain because usually dew can also create your luggage wet.


Already know yet that the tourist beaches in Bali got a lot of criticism because so much garbage strewn? One of the bins that many are in there are the plastic bottles for drinking. Your holiday will certainly more fun when seeing the beautiful scenery is not it? Therefore, there is no harm in a bit of bother with a personal water bottle to carry anywhere. At least you can help reduce the use of plastic bottles and simultaneously reduce little outlay.