5 Android Educational Games For Kids

Game other than to educate our brain, is basically a game in Android can make us more attractive and also be able to entertain us in my spare time. But apparently games on Android is not only intended adults, the article now there are a lot of Android games are devoted to children, especially toddlers.

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Of course Android games for children is different when compared to games adults dominate games Action or Adventure. When you choose a game for children, it is better if you are more selective to select it.

Since it is generally in the child’s brain tends to quickly capture what he saw and will be replicated in their daily lives. Therefore, you should give Android educational game that can educate children.

Here are 5 Android Educational Games For Kids

1. Kids Educational Game Free

One Educational Games are popular in the Play Store is Kids Educational Game. In contrast to other educational games, Kids Educational This game is packed with a more dynamic and also comes with features that are more impressive in comparison with other educational games.

It is also in this one educational game provided 10 kinds of games Piano to learn notation, colors and letters. Not only that, the game Kids Educational Game can also improve memory and also trains the memory of children. Therefore if you are looking for educational games for children, Kids Educational Game is suitable in play for children – children.

2. Kids Preschool Puzzles Lite

As the name implies, the game Kids Preschool Puzzle Lite is an educational game shaped puzzle. When playing this game will be presented with a puzzle in the form of unique and funny. Shaped like puzzle pieces, as well as animal-shaped figures. Besides the view contained in this one game is available with a more blur and no light in the eyes of children. This game can be downloaded for free in the play store.

3. Marbel Learning Letter

One of the educational games released by developers Indonesia deserved for you to try. Besides the look and features available in this game more attractive and unique, it is also the language settings in the game is an Indonesian who facilitate child – you learn.

As with other educational games, when children play this game then it will be presented with interesting games ranging from learning the letters from A to Z, and also memorize the lyrics of the song that is accompanied by music. Curious?

4. Marbel Learning Figures

Still with the same developer. This game teaches children to know the numbers 0 through 50. Children can choose to study in an independent mode or automatic mode. Methods of study is divided into six levels according to the age level of children. Also equipped with interesting pictures and animations, so that the child is not bored to learn.

5. Trains, Cars & Games for Kids

Best educational games in the last Android is Game Trains, Cars & Games for Kids. This game is a brain teaser game which functioned for children to be more active and can develop the power of thought. As well as a look cute and interesting, Game Trains, Cars & Games for Kids is designed so that children are always cheerful when playing.

But unfortunately there are only a few games that can be downloaded for free, and the rest you can use a paid premium games.

In addition to Android Educational Game 5 above, there are many more good games, and interesting in the play store. Good luck!