6 Ways To Be Vulnerable In Your Relationship


Since childhood, we’ve been taught to overcome problems by our own efforts and try not to complain to people that surround us. No doubt, cultivating such qualities in a human being helps a lot in forming a strong personality. However, today, lots of resources and thematic sites like maturedating.online admit that this kind of approach doesn’t always lead to positive consequences in what refers to building the relationships. Sometimes, vulnerability is of much greater value and possesses much higher potential to reach out to one’s heart. Yet, in order to diminish the risk of being misunderstood, one should know exactly how and when to refer to this technique

Here are some acting methods on how to use vulnerability to your own advantage:

  • You should clearly define what you want to share

Naturally, for your strivings not to go in vain, you should thoroughly plan what you are going to tell or ask and even predict the possible replies. The topic should be based on the feelings you find important and gradually lead to the thought that you require your partner’s support in a particular matter.

  • Schedule the time of your upcoming conversation

Needless to say, this sort of conversation shouldn’t be spontaneous. You can’t simply talk about your relations with colleagues and then suddenly switch to the topics that make you vulnerable. It may take days or even weeks to gain courage and start a dialogue. So, try to pick the right day and time to do it.

  • Try to meditate prior to having the conversation

Meditation helps a lot in dealing with such things as a raised heart rate and uneven breath. Use Google to learn some meditation techniques. These small tricks can save you plenty of nerves.

  • Mind your own safety during the dialogue

Prior to starting the dialogue, it’s recommended to set some boundaries in order to put the risk factor to a minimum. In some cases even phrases like “promise you’ll try to take it seriously” assist greatly.

  • Show your appreciation to the listener

Once you’ve finally had a substantial and meaningful conversation, it’s of high importance that you show all your appreciation to the partner for being open and compliant. Tell them how relieved you feel after throwing that weight off your shoulders. Let them know you are just a vulnerable being who needs support at times.

  • Get rid of the sense of shame

There are people that can’t get rid of the sense of shame should they open themselves to somebody at least once. That’s not the way it should be. Realize one fact, admitting your weaknesses usually requires much more courage than showing your strengths. By telling those things, you clearly demonstrate that you possess no fear of being straightforward. And, surely, that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

You should realize that vulnerability is not a bad thing and if your partner truly loves you, they will always understand and support you, even at the most vulnerable moments.