Batam – to experience the best vacation

Today many people tend to choose Singapore for their vacation as this place has many interesting features which can help in setting the vacation in the most interesting way. Obviously while visiting Singapore, they prefer to visit the countries and other tourist spots nearby. While considering this their first option is Indonesia. One of the main reasons for why Indonesia is their first choice is Batam. This is nothing but a small island which belongs to Indonesia. This island is located in the South China Sea. Even though there are many special features in Batam, their busy ports are highly famous all over the world. And the most important thing is they are considered to be trade free zone.

The busy city

Even though this city is very small, they are considered to be busy all the time. Nearing millions of people inhabit in Batam. Apart from this, the city accommodates more number of tourists every year. Since this city is just 20 kilometers from Singapore, many tourist show interest in visiting them. One of the other important reasons for why this city is always busy is because of their shopping zones. The products here are duty free and hence the tourists can buy the products for a discounted price. The products in these shopping zones are not only cheap but they are also of best quality. Hence the tourists tend to show more interest towards the shopping zones in Batam.

Hotels and resorts

Batam is not only famous for their shopping zones but also for their exclusive hotels and resorts. The resorts here are very affordable and also very luxurious. People who are visiting Batam must definitely stay here in order to enjoy the beauty of this city at the best. It is to be noted that the night life here will be very much exciting that no one must miss this chance in their life. The light clubs and parties will throw the tourists into enjoyment and excitement. However, currently the government has banned the casino centers in order to avoid legal issues. Apart from this, there are several other sources to have better fun. In order to enjoy these facilities and to spend a comfortable night in this city, the booking for the resorts should be done in advance.

The ferry travel

As mentioned above, Bantam is nearer to Indonesia. In order to have a best time in this travel, the tourist can travel through ferries. It is to be noted that these ferries are not only meant for the tourists but many people in these natives tend to use them in their routine lifestyle. However, there are many ferries which are specially designed for the tourists. These ferries will stop by many locations. The tourists can travel to their respective resort in Bantam even through these ferries. The only thing is to ensure the availability of tickets, they must book ferry ticket to batam through the facilities in online website.