Enjoy Your Free Time Reading Online Comics : Iron Clawed

Evasion: the main thing to keep in mind when not spending time working or studying. But what to do? There are lots of things to choose from. Even occupying spare time can be a problem and having a hobby is, most of the times, relatable to abilities other than interests. So relaxing should be the right way.

Ever heard of comics? They’re popular in a weird way: everyone knows what we are talking about, but not many people really define themselves as readers, especially nowadays. Loving comics is becoming not very natural, and it’s a pity because, in a way, they’re art, like books or cinema.


And that’s the kind of thing you’d like to have at home. Choose your genre or have a glimpse of them all. Don’t overgrow your library!

Now I’ll give you a quick tip: the Web 2.0 is an unlimited source (especially if you’re reading this!). How about putting the two things togheter? Nowadays nearly everyone has got a computer, and it has become easy not to waste much time going from a place to another. Literally we could say that work and spare time can be spent at the same place, and it can follow you everywhere you want, and be reachable from everywhere.

So, let me give you some advice on your first title! Iron Clawed (ironclawed.com) is great if you’re into warlike, sci-fi, history themed comics. The setting is a parallel universe where orange and green-skinned people have settled down and the Second World War has not come to an end. Two armies are fighting the war: the Allies (Russia, USA and UK) against the Fourth Reich. The author, Ivan Jurkovic, is a passionate lover of classic cartoons and he has read them since he was a boy, as well as a graphic design student. His style of animation is linear and realistic, making Iron Clawed a pleasant reading. To complete the comic, on the site ironclawed.com, you can find brief descriptions of the characters, the background, and the armory of the opposite armies. You can also follow the official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ironclawed/) and keep updated on the comic development.
Enjoy it!