Learning How to Be a Good Salesman

I have been working on becoming a better salesperson for the past couple of months, which makes a lot of sense as my current job really only makes sense if I am able to make sales. It is a rather simple thing when you reduce it down to basics. If I do not succeed at selling, then the job is quite mediocre. If I can sell, then it becomes a good job and If I do great it is a great job. If you do a video book summary how to win friends and influence people type of education you realize that there are a whole lot of ways that you can think about this sort of thing. Some people in sales adopt the posture of the predator, where you have to make the kill to survive and that makes just about anything that you do okay. I just do not think that really works for me and it does not seem like it is going to work for anyone over the long haul.

As I see it you have to convince people that you are going to look out for their interests. They know that you are in it for your own reasons and your own profit, but they also know that the same thing applies to them as well. If they know that you are trying to put something over on them, then they are never going to trust you and without trust you are never going to have a long term relationship. That seems to be the thing, when you think about it. You need to have customers coming back to you when they need something. If you take care of what they need, that is going to make them want to call you back when they need something else.