The Benefits of Cannabis

The benefits of cannabis is that it can be made of vegetables, while the stems can be used as fiber rope, and other benefits are a couple of things to mention cannabis actually has a positive side. In the bill for these psychotropic marijuana into the class one to the penalty could be a possible death penalty. However, if examined more closely again, it is believed there will be more benefits than disadvantages.

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Besides the raw material for paper turns cannabis plants based on the results of scientific research are also highly suitable for textile raw materials. Clothes produced from poppy straw fibers can absorb 95 percent of ultraviolet radiation so that the cooler is used, and is very suitable for the tropical climate in Aceh and Indonesia. Clothing from the cannabis plant fibers already produced in Hawaii in limited numbers, quality is also good.

In addition to marijuana can be used for paper and textile materials, marijuana can also be used as a source of methanol because it contains methanol, which is quite high. For one hectare of cannabis plant will be capable of producing 1,000 gallons of methanol. Even Henry Ford’s car company in America has experimented with marijuana use oil to fuel his car. In this case, marijuana (flowers and seeds) processed into fuel for cars upscale and can be an alternative source of future energy.