The choice of the Agriturismo

The choice of the right agriturismo is very important for the success of a holiday. Why? Simply because we need to find the ideal and welcoming place, a structure that makes us feel at home for the duration of the trip, but at the same time being special.

Agritourisms are very different from each other, each one has its own personality so we recommend a trick to find the perfect place for you, the one that will tell you the holiday to all your friends and which you will think nostalgically in the following months.

Surely you will already have an idea of ​​the route and region you want to visit for your holidays and in fact the first advice on choosing the perfect agriturismo is based on this.

The tip is developing a strategic plan that includes all the places and centers, neighbors or peripheral areas to which you are going to move is crucial. A great starting point can also be to consult the section dedicated to activities and surroundings where agriturismo shows in detail their area of ​​interest and possible trips to nearby.

Another basic aspect to consider for choosing the best agriturismo for you is the type of vacation you are planning to make. Are you looking for a beach, sea and relax vacation, or do you love the movement and think that summer is the ideal time for trekking and cycling? The choice is yours!
If you do not want to give up at the sea this year, we advise you to consult the agritourisms where the beaches can be reached directly on foot or with a short bike ride.

Do you go on a trip with your partner and do you need a week to pamper you? Then there are ideal agriturismo for couples. There are many, in fact, the structures where those looking for romance can really find what they want.

If you are a super-sportsman, many accommodations are near parks and mountains where you can jump into more or less adventurous adventures.

Also remember that reading the opinions of those who have already stayed at that agriturismo, figuring out how they found it, what their strengths are (seen by a tourist), and how the host was welcomed by the manager is important.

Be careful, though, that even negative comments may be constructive: the evaluation is obviously subjective, and what you do not like a user can please you and vice versa. Even more interesting is to read (when there are) the responses of the same operators.

You will also be able to leave your opinion once you visit the agriturismo: it will be useful to other travelers like you.