The Yearly Celebration of a Milestone

An end of the year celebration for the junior class was planned by some friends and I. We thought it would be best if we could ride around in a party bus and have some fun, and everyone agreed with the idea. One bus company wanted to charge us an arm an a leg for a day rental, and between us, no one had enough money to pay their prices. Someone told me that I could hire a party bus from Platinum and save twice as much money in the process, so I gave them a call and rented one of their buses for the celebration.

We have these little milestone celebrations because they make going to school that much more of an enjoyable experience. We look forward to them, and we feel that we do better in school because we all want to make it to the celebrations. At the end of freshman year, we took a trip to a lake and had an all day fishing event. Only a few of us were lucky enough to actually catch any fish, but we all had fun sitting on the lake that day, talking about our experiences from that year.

For sophomore year, we had an outdoor pizza party, and even had a station where people could make their own pizzas. Some of us made some really ugly looking pizzas, but we didn’t care, because they gave us a good laugh. The party bus event was the most fun one yet, and I have no idea how we are going to top it for our senior year event. Maybe we can all raise enough money to take a trip to Hawaii, or take a backpacking trip through Europe. It has to be something big enough to represent the end of the senior year and college life.