Why I Like Party Buses More Than Regular Limos

There are lots of reasons to rent transportation. Maybe you want to take the whole extended family on an annual picnic to an amusement park and you all want to ride together. Maybe it is for a wedding or prom that you want to get a group from one place to another. Those two are the standard reasons most people rent limos, but I wanted to mention Toronto party bus rentals instead of regular limos. Don’t get me wrong, the big stretch limos are nice. They are classy in their own right. Even the big pink limo is really classy looking when it pulls up all shiny at night under the lights of a marquee. However, party buses shine too.

The big differences between a regular limo and a party bus are quite important to me. First, you do not have to crawl in and out of a bus. You just walk up the steps and stand fully upright all the way to your seat. In a limo, you have to crawl. This is especially true if you are the first to get in. I think even the biggest stretch limos feel cramped to me. I have never felt cramped in a party bus. I use Toronto party bus rentals for any event where we have to move a group of people from one part of the city to another. We rented one for our daughter’s wedding. That was the first time I saw how nice and comfortable they are.

The second thing is the comfortable seating and amenities. Party buses have coolers, and the big buses have a beverage bar that goes all around the interior perimeter of the bus. They also have an amazing sound system and flat screen TV. Though stretch limos have their place, I can see more people renting party buses for their comfort.